Roses & Fruits

Roses & Fruits (76)

Stimulate your senses! When you see the fresh pink hues, you can just taste the cranberries already. And when you see the warm red, then imagine the Amarena cherry on your dessert. If you think of soft pink tones, you can smell the roses in your garden! That’s what you will experience when you see the Roses & Fruits theme. Each and every one of these beautiful mouth-blown glass vases, jars and candleholders.

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And what holds true for our other colour themes, is also true for this theme: mix and match the designs freely! It looks super joyful to use a pink glass vase and a red candle glass next to each other!

Or maybe you desire a real statement piece in the Apricot colour; this will certainly attract attention! You can make a statement with a vase from our Art Object collection. In this range you will find beautiful glass art, designed and blown by glass artist Henryk Rysz. The glass objects from the Sabina, Mateusz, Ciezki and Solidny series are all available in Apricot colour. So, besides the fact that they are real eye catchers as they are such beautiful designs, they also stand out because of their breathtakingly bright pink colour!

Do you like to form a display of a number of vessels? Then go on and make a statement by placing a large group of smaller vases together. Grouping is the magical word in this case.  It is surprisingly pretty to put a set of Nadiel or Manuela vases on a glass plate. Fill the vessels with colourful fresh flowers and dinner candles. This way you can turn smaller vases into a large statement piece!

The colours from the Roses & Fruits theme can be easily combined with the colours from the Smokey Black and Serenity themes. These two themes form a perfect basis from where you can add more colours.

And let’s not forget the beautiful warm tones from the Golden Chic theme; distinctly warm golden tones that can be perfectly combined with the fruity colours from the Roses & Fruits theme.

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