Golden chique

Golden chique (44)

Immerse yourself in luxury! Experience a sense of richness, warmth and style in your interior. In this theme the Golden and Warm Yellow tones of our glass vases feature here.

The radiant light in these mouth-blown glass vases makes it seem like the sun is shining, even though it’s pouring rain!

The glass vases, candle glasses and glass jars from the Golden Chic colour theme can be combined really easily. The shades within this colour theme complement each other beautifully! The warm tones of the glass in topaz, amber and gold topaz give you a stylish and lavish feeling! And by choosing a tall and colourful glass object, you will only increase this feeling even more.

The glass vases from the Golden Chic colour theme can be perfectly combined with those from the Roses & Fruits theme. The freshness of the pink tones combined with the warm tones ensure that you get the feeling that summer and spring are happening at the same time!

How refreshing will it look on your coffee table to fill a nice large glass dish with candles in fresh red, yellow and pink tones?

Or what about an glass art object in that special place in your interior. By placing a beautiful statement piece, you immediately create a striking décor in your living room. Beautiful artistic display pieces can be found in our glass collection in the Art Objects section.  Here you will also find very beautiful pieces in warm colours that match the Golden Chique colour theme.

Our centrepieces glass art objects are timelessly beautiful and won’t lose their value any may even increase in value! By combining these with smaller glassware, you can always keep your interior modern and contemporary. You can let the colours of the smaller accessories change with the seasons. In the summer you opt for colours from the Roses & Fruits theme and, for example, in the winter you can go more for the colours from the Serenity or Smokey Black theme.

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