Candle rustic fuchsia

1410205 8 cm 6 cm
1410210 12 cm 6 cm
1410220 10 cm 7 cm
1410215 16 cm 6 cm
1410225 15 cm 7 cm
1410230 20 cm 7 cm
1410240 10 cm 10 cm
1410235 25 cm 7 cm
1410245 15 cm 10 cm


The handmade luxury candles of DutZ collection are of high quality. These DutZ candles are available in multiple sizes and colours, so there's always a suitable size for votive, hurricane, candlestick or tray.
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The candles have the following burning hours: D6 H8 28h, D6 H12 45h, D6 H16 63h, D7 H10 45h, D7 H15 60h, D7 H20 80h, D7 H25 100h, D10 H10 80h, D10 H15 120h.

The colour of this DutZ candle is fuchsia.

- Handmade and fully dyed
- 100% paraffin
- Made in Europe
- Available in nine sizes

Tip: candles should not be blown out; it is best to dip the wick into the liquid wax and then bend it back upright. When first lighting candles they should always burn long enough to liquefy the candle plate, as this improves the burning of the complete candle body. The bigger and wider the candle, the more important this is.

DutZ= Dare to be distinct!

Article number 1410205
EAN 8716805082302
Weight 0,2kg

Article number 1410210
EAN 8716805081909
Weight 0,3kg

Article number 1410220
EAN 8716805082012
Weight 0,3kg

Article number 1410215
EAN 8716805081954
Weight 0,4kg

Article number 1410225
EAN 8716805082067
Weight 0,5kg

Article number 1410230
EAN 8716805082111
Weight 0,7kg

Article number 1410240
EAN 8716805082210
Weight 0,7kg

Article number 1410235
EAN 8716805082166
Weight 0,9kg

Article number 1410245
EAN 8716805082265
Weight 1,1kg